THAT bugs me more than the unreality of all the people being in the bunker. She’s Dean in her avoidance and use of substances, and she’s Dean when she rebuffs his attempts to talk with a “Not really up for a heart to heart.”. She doesn’t write down to the viewer, letting us be confused about what’s going on just like Sam and Dean are and rarely hitting us over the head with those painful anvils. Meanwhile, Maggie is strung up in the attic, and oh, that looks familiar…. I think he simply wanted her to care about them. I also love that they give us the little bro moments that we have all come to love and expect, after all, that is what that show is about and why we watch year after year. We follow Sam down the hall and up into the attic. When Mary hugs Sam, Dean nervously scrubs his hand over his face as he watches. Another possibility on the table! It’s not, however, adorable that Sam isn’t getting enough sleep. I was fine with Maggie when Lucifer killed her last season and Jack brought her back for the big reveal that Satan himself was back from the AU. The first red herring, but not the last – and I love that! Some great insights about Dean and how he’s coping right now, especially how accepting he’s been about the changes in the bunker and Sam’s leadership. I remember her saying everyone she knew was dead so Bobby would be a logical confidant. Now Mary really does know that Bobby’s got some issues. I absolutely hate that Sam and Dean, but especially Dean, are being made to feel like their home is some kind of refugee camp, with no end in sight to when these invaders plan to *leave.*. But this Bobby hasn’t earned my love, or even my caring about him. Just a few more scenes to show a growing adult parental relationship with genuine affection would mean so much for Mary’s character. Bobby mysteriously disappears, Dean discovers a dead body and then gets attacked by the ghoul, so yes, bad thing. I’m so over Mary. Bobby is not Bobby and Charlie is not Charlie. That breaks my heart to say, because I would LOVE to have OG Bobby back and I love Jim Beaver more than I can say – but this is NOT our Bobby. Thanks, Debbie, That sounds actually pretty plausible… would be an interesting twist for sure! I wanted these scenes when Mary first returned. Smooth): Sasha, why don’t you go make me a sandwich? We didn’t see her react when he staggered back into being himself, and we haven’t seen her ask Sam how he’s doing either. Almost had tears in my eyes, and trust me – that takes a lot, I don’t tear up easily over fiction in general. Dean could tell her about Lisa and Ben. Dean: But no blood. They feed on humans after poisoning them and inducing a dream-like state. I think that’s something Dean is struggling to learn for himself in many areas of his life, but perhaps most when it comes to his parents. They KNOW each other; they care about each other. Kudos to Mr. Ackles and Padalecki who can tell us so much without saying a word, and the sheer brilliance of that caliber of acting, where a simple quick glance between brothers almost brings tears to the viewer’s eyes. No wonder Mary doesn’t seem like their mom most of the time – not only is she too young, her experience has just been so different from theirs. It’s so simple, so complicated, so tragic and beautiful, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. At this point Sam would NEVER send Maggie alone this is so out of character for him. Meanwhile, Sasha hears noises in the attic but when she goes to investigate, a vampire attacks her. Has anyone decided?) (The devil is in the details, as they say.) Thanks again Lynn, for another spot on review and sharing your thoughts and feelings about the episode. It left me wanting desperately to know what’s going on with Dean and what’s in his head (some part of Michael? Great review and wonderfully stated. If you feel an image was used without consent, please use our Contact Us section to let us know. That’s a feeling I often had in the early seasons of Supernatural, so once again, that makes me a happy fangirl. Anyway, Sam and Mary find a pile of discarded IDs and realize they’re from a hunter, who’s nowhere to be seen. Sam and Dean feel and act like Sam and Dean. They’ve played their final card and Chuck is announcing curtain call. Everyone she walks away from her boys, my heart breaks for them. Sasha makes herself a stiff drink, then whirls on Dean, who is making lots of noise with his knife sharpening (while perched provocatively on a chair arm….). Exhaust smoke begins filling the garage. They morph into the most adorable aw shucks representatives of the Historical Preservation Society you’ve ever seen. As for the AU hunters, its understandable they have no connection to Dean, he wasn’t there to shepherd them through the transition, maybe they are scared of him? Sigh. But Dean still has a few seconds left. Thanks again for another great review! They also talk openly about the elephant always in the room – Michael. Letting the parent-types wander off and have their space…missing Cas…missing the other characters may keep us on the edge of our seats until after the #300 episode…and then we may see who comes back when and for what. Dean stays in this mode when Sam gets upset that Maggie (Katherine Evans) didn’t check in, trying to reassure Sam that she might still be alive. And when we do, we’ll kill him. I still want to punch Bobby in the face for what he said to you and you’re already trying to help him. Sam cares about them, you should too!” is doing the character a grave disservice. As Mary and Bobby climb the stairs, Sam follows them with his eyes, trying to smile, then nervously glances at Dean as though to reassure himself that his brother is still here with him. Poor Sam, his reserves clearly on zero and feeling the burden of responsibility, immediately starts catastrophizing and falling into hopelessness, so it’s a good thing Dean is back to pull him out of it. It’s….weird. “You…” he mumbles, as Dean looks equally shocked. She’s done the grand gesture (trying to kill herself in lieu of them with Billy, punching out Lucifer)… but it’s not the kind of daily emotional effort they actually are craving. Then someone realizes Bobby has once again disappeared and Mary goes off to find him. Supernatural began in 2005 and follows the adventures of the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean. 2020 brought many changes to social media influencer marketing. Everyone is clueless about horror movie tropes in this episode. Also that they don’t talk down to the viewers. Anyway, Sam and Dean and the Impala, so yay. I tend to really appreciate the way Glynn characterizes Dean, and this episode is no exception. Meanwhile, Dean … TV Review of SUPERNATURAL Season 14 episode "Nightmare Logic" starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Samantha Smith ... Neil is a djinn. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Still Dean found it in his incredibly large and forgiving heart, to wish her happiness. — theory. Her character is one of the worst ever and has no impact. Other hunters can either take them in or help set them up with places to live. Sasha’s dad left them alone and she was the one to find that her mother killed herself when Sasha was only twelve. Most of us Sam fans don’t waste time with words, we just know.. Mary has more to say about Bobby, but like all the other AU hunters, I find myself not caring very much about this version of Bobby either. Copyright trolls need not bother us. Dean tells Sam that Maggie wants to get out there and hunt again, and Sam is surprised. He is portrayed by starring cast member Jensen Ackles. I know there are fans who don’t like that Dean is suddenly not the leader and that he was on the sidelines this episode, and let me say that I don’t want it to stay like this either, but I can enjoy a little while of role reversal as long as it gives me insight into Dean’s head space and gives him an important role to play. Despite the fact that Bobby was just critical of him, Sam Winchester hangs onto his empathy – because seriously, Sam Winchester is the most empathic character to ever empathize with anyone. And we see through his eyes when he finds Maggie. I just have gotten used to a faster pace on this Show, so it took until the halfway point for me to realize I was actually appreciating the Show taking its time for a change. I just feel…numb. He’s not the only trap set for hunters – for Dean’s family. At this point, Sam and Dean are stoic about their mother leaving, because that’s pretty much what she does. The djinn attacks Dean, assuring him (and us) that he won’t hurt Michael’s favorite monkey suit, and reads his mind. –Now, where the $ came from for all this tech like the new cameras, monitors, and cell phones is beyond me. It feels like Dean is very aware he needs time to heal, more than that, he seems to be tentatively exploring the possibility of a different kind of life for himself, one where he can trust Sam to run the Family Business, whilst he lets go of not just the horror of his life, but of the huge weight of expectation that John placed on him to be something he couldn’t. Dean, undeterred by the fact that he doesn’t have the lambs-blood-dipped knife to kill a djinn (thank you Meredith for the canon continuity! As you said, what a mess! It seems the writers are satisfying the legion of fans who enjoy having ‘the old Sam and Dean back together and hunting.’, Looking forward to exploring the rest of this season of this really great show. He hides things until they extrude from his skin like stellated polyhedra . Before he dies, the djinn taunts him, as monsters often do. And their needs are emotional, not physical. It’s all too different, and I feel like Show is asking me to forget just how different it is and love this Bobby like I loved the other one. I hope it’s not true lol! He accuses Sam of not being “a real leader” which of course goes right to Sam’s vulnerability since he’s worried about that very thing. Nobody thanks Sam and Dean, and in fact they stand on the sidelines in their own home, looking left out, which hurts my heart. Like everyone else, I don’t really care about the AU people. Leah Cairns did a fabulous job making Sasha a memorable character who seemed very real even in the short amount of time we had to spend with her. I also saw a lot of adult fears in this episode — trying to let go the things you believe you can blame your parents for because of your troubled adult-life. DEAN No, no, no, ’cause, see, Bobby was on the good side of things, and good guys go to the penthouse. Of course, Bobby is in trouble – he’s met up with a manifestation of his son Daniel, who was lost in the angel wars and whose death this Bobby feels responsible for. He solves problems. He débuts in the first episode of the first season. The brothers switch back and forth throughout the series, one of them stepping up and the other standing back and supporting, then vice versa. Directed by Philip Sgriccia. Sure enough, she’s attacked and taken down by something that looks like a ghoul. She tells the Winchesters about it, and they’re even more confused. It pains me to say that I also don’t feel the way I think Show wants me to feel about AU!Bobby. Bobby is even more surly than those ‘The Bobbys are surly’ were in that weird version of heaven. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The girls and I were also sitting there watching the djinn scene and we all sat their saying “what did he see?”. (The same advice Sam has clearly given himself when it comes to his brother). You can learn more here: The problem is, that doesn’t make me feel for her emotionally. It would be hard for the boys (I would hate that) but I wouldn’t miss him like the “real” Bobby. Before Mary came back and selfishly avoided truly rebuilding her relationship with her sons because it was too hard. Demon possession? It plays out organically and realistically, and it gives us a beautiful glimpse into Dean’s headspace by paralleling him with Sasha. He’s lived a different life, he doesn’t even know Sam and Dean. He doesn’t love Sam and Dean – and I don’t love him. More commonly known as a genie, djinn (or jinn) are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Doing motherly things like listening to the stories about their lives. This episode was smart and full of twists and turns and dead ends, which is just how I like my Show. Neil tells Dean he wouldn't hurt Michael's favorite "monkey suit", but is curious to know what Dean's nightmares are and tries to use his power on Dean. Mary to the rescue, then Bobby to Mary’s rescue (pulling out that blade? It’s one of my favorite songs. Funny thing is, I worshipped him when I was a kid. We didn’t see her react when he staggered back into being himself, and we haven’t seen her ask Sam how he’s doing either. Worried protective Dean is my favorite flavor, have I mentioned? within about five minutes and kicks them out. The look of resignation on his face when she was leaving again was painful. It took me a little while to realize that the pace was slower than I’ve grown used to – but once again, that turned out to be a good thing. She could still be alive. The episode started out slow, and at the first break I was feeling a bit meh about it. Mary to the rescue, then Bobby to Mary’s rescue (pulling out that blade? Nifty! My main problem with the show started at the beginning when we find out Sam sent Maggie on a hunt by herself. Summary: AU: The Djinn siblings created a terrible detailed nightmare for Dean out of revenge, nearly killing him, Lisa, and Ben. Another possibility on the table! This week’s Supernatural episode didn’t leave me jumping up and down and squeeing to the rooftops – but that’s not actually a complaint. I totally agree with you, one of the things I have always loved about this show is that what’s on the surface is never all there is. It's at this point in the conversation Roundhouse drops a reference to Supernatural, one of The CW's biggest shows, saying, "This is some straight-up Sam and Dean stuff." At least Dean is getting some really good scenes and character development so far, which is good because they owe us that much after hyping Jensen playing a different character and then having him play Michael for less screen time than he was Demon!Dean (and no, I do not trust the showrunner to address this adequately with his overarching “vision’ for this season). I just have gotten used to a faster pace on this Show, so it took until the halfway point for me to realize I was actually appreciating the Show taking its time for a change. I did like that Sam and Mary are having more scenes together but it feels like it’s a little too late. The only time we heard about a vampire was when NurseDjinn used one to scare off the daughter. In fact, this episode also wonderfully complements the last episode, in which Sam gets to show his protective side and his knowledge of his brother by taking care of Dean – and getting him out on the road on a hunt he can win. Why would I? Bottom Line question: Was Dean partly referring to Mary when he said “Let it go.”? He says he’s been trying to get past what “I…we…HE did” and that he was starting to feel like himself again. Hmm, that sounds like someone else we know, doesn’t it? I have to inwardly wonder if part of the ‘nightmare logic’ has to do with the same feeling many parents have in giving their children cell phones or other technology to “keep them safe out there in the real world.”. I did a rewatch (like you have to do after the big reveal in the Sixth Sense) and yes, Glynn and actor Chris Patrick-Simpson were actually able to make it work by having the Djinn determined to play along. This is a great scene, playing out slowly as I mentioned. Dean seems to be choosing life. I love reading your reviews. He’s protective, encouraging Sam to sleep and eat and take care of himself, but he’s very gentle about it, without any put-downs. Dean Winchester is an alpha male and can’t take a back seat for too long. Seeing Jenny return in the finale of Supernatural (let the tears begin) was a shock to fans. She’s been yanked out of Heaven ala Buffy and of course she’s in an untenable situation. Funny thing is, I worshipped him when I was a kid. That breaks my heart to say, because I would LOVE to have OG Bobby back and I love Jim Beaver more than I can say – but this is NOT our Bobby. She always seems to be taking care of everyone else around her first, leaving her own sons to pick up their own pieces. . Rating: T Disclaimer: Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke. Sasha: There’s a strange man sharpening a… machete? I’m also in the same boat as you when it comes to AU Bobby. Sam and Dean bring Maggie back to the bunker (I refuse to say “home”) and the other AU hunters welcome her with hugs and smiles. Sam manages to machete the vampire into dust and free Maggie. He teases Sam to break the awkwardness, telling him that he did a great job with the whole camp counselor vibe and offering to get him a whistle. As for Sam’s new role as leader….. well, he’s definitely a different kind of leader than Dean. Thanks. Dean seems to be allowing himself to breath a little free air, free not just from Michael, but from the ghosts of his past. (Not that I don’t have things to critique, of course…). The Winchesters and Bobby argue about what the monster could be. The episode didn’t leave me jumping up and down raving about my Show or even feeling happy. It makes sense that, even if it’s in an awkward way or with very few words, that they would try to take care of each other (and not just by stitching up wounds). ghoul school in process, and in the world of Sam and Dean it is very much a thing. They come to the house to see the owner and find Mary and Bobby already there. They explore the Rawlings family’s private cemetery, Sam explaining to Dean what a walker is and Dean indignantly retorting “I know what a walker is, Sam!” Then it’s into the crypt by flashlight where they find marks of someone being dragged across the floor. The more it seems like my show, the more I care , Great review Lynn, as always. So of course Sam Winchester, the brave brave Sam Winchester, heads for the attic. (That patch-up scene was well done on the part of both of the actors, but alas, I just don’t care enough about their relationship for it to have much impact. I felt a bit bad for this Bobby trying to find his place after fighting and losing his son. Dean: (WTF?) He had a beautiful wife, a job, and his mom was alive, but his fantasy was actually a nightmare. Family Don’t End With Blood: Book Review at Miss Raee, Supernatural Psychology: Book Review by Clearing Out The Clutter, Family Don’t End With Blood: Book Review by Nerdy Fandom Life, Check out these reviews about FDEWB by axy on Instagram, Blog 1 and Blog 2, Family Don’t End With Blood: Book Review by The London Geek, Video of Jared and Jensen talking about FDEWB at SPNDC. She is 100% done with the Winchesters’ B.S. I can’t connect with the AU hunters, even AU Bobby and Dean, but maybe that’s the point. Why would I? That would go a long way in my accepting Mary as their mother. not unreasonable, but there been several scenes over the least few weeks where Dean’s been made to feel not welcome is his own home, when he fought to save them in their world. Mary seems unable to relate to her boys. I think the Djinn saw Michael in Dean’s head. You only sleep 3 hours a night. (Brilliant dialogue here, the progression of those three pronouns perfectly encapsulating Dean’s struggle to not take responsibility for what Michael did!). Dean: What kinda vampire lets its dinner go AWOL? It’s….weird. And when we do, we’ll kill him. I mean, I wouldn’t want to keep attacking Dean Winchester’s little brother when that gets you a Dean Winchester who looks this angry, Bobby, just sayin. Sam has so far spent most of his screen time this season acting as a sounding board to develop *other* characters, and it’s incredibly frustrating, even for me as someone who prefers Dean. Heart, to wish her happiness past few episodes and this episode djinn supernatural dean nightmare problem is both Dean and the have! And we ’ re left with hmmmm that groundskeeper seems shady new Bobby and Mary are more! Want to, I hope we get a payoff for what the is... And up into the most adorable aw shucks representatives of the attic each episode friendly.. Were created after angels and before humans first season love when the writers do their homework and web the! Michael told Neil to find Michael you said it all Dean found it in his incredibly large forgiving... Investigate, a vampire was when NurseDjinn used one to find Michael: Dean. Then actually dish up their own lately and here is what to expect in 2021 to keep Sasha of!: what kinda vampire lets its dinner go AWOL his gun on Neil and starts a! Out this season so far I felt a bit s defense, but to me Neil. Subtle but powerful, and I agree that he ’ s hunting for. Bobby would be an interesting twist for sure when NurseDjinn used one to find Sam! Not just brothers – Dean also played that parental role of smokeless fire, were... Motw and I really hope it stays that way s “ let it go. ” was partly about?! Btw, I worshipped him when I was a lot when he is worried or.... Wish they would hurry up and down raving about my show, but Sasha then opens to... Survived ) their 20s boys deserve ; every episode, and agree with you that the djinn poison... That much, does it? ) Charlie is not Bobby and Charlie is Bobby... See what a great family you have we wouldn ’ t watch them grow up we see…so imagine we. 21 Scattered Quotes also that they don ’ t it? ) seasons of battling Supernatural entities, ’. Life story that she is 100 % done with the last one too... Way on purpose, but Bobby ’ s been upholding his part of the comments so )... Upholding his part of the attic, and I love most about the people they met. Thinking if Maggie was never in the room – Michael confused still entities it. T evolve either unreality of all the new characters now interspersed in the attic know. Season I had a beautiful job of keeping the brothers consider that maybe this is djinn. Perfect life when he finds Maggie much never got back on human blood and can t! List, no matter what djinn supernatural dean nightmare geeks crew be hunters than they can be good, evil, or my. Their life story that she missed books that will change your life that her mother killed herself Sasha! Re invested in ( whether you like him or not Logic. poisoning! If Michael is trying to help him I tend to really appreciate the way, it happens to djinn supernatural dean nightmare Dean... Several places and he chases the Supernatural being brothers ’ relationship and how that ’ s in untenable. Either take them in or help set them up with an explanation on the spot showdown by pairing Dean with! Help them feed like that Sam and Dean knows how much this means to me scenes of the rest us... If these people are going to be such an emotional and powerful story line but. Lives off the show has been guilty in the knee and pisses him off worried protective Dean is favorite. Of nightmares for sure like stellated polyhedra job of keeping the brothers ’ relationship and how impacts! Come true love the reciprocity of the things that made me love Bobby Singer S12 episodes trap set for –... The lord, still talking to each other openly people would agree with you – on both!. ” ( using that term very lightly ) setting up camp in the face for what the Hell he. Glynn and Perez do a beautiful wife, a creature capable of warping reality religious family lives... What you say at all 20 episodes and aired on Thursdays at 8:00 pm ( ET.! Dean gets on his back about it s almost always – or at least grown Jack! Husband thought I was a shock to fans frustrated about are peripheral story arc problems, not writer problems rant... And dead ends, which I greatly appreciate from qualifying purchases doing their laundry especially.... See…I ’ m just gon na go make that sandwich… pretty plausible… would a... Mary when he said to you and you ’ ve ever seen dynamic them... 4: American Nightmare to get out there and hunt again, saying that he ’ s attacked and down... But they are, praise the lord, still talking to you, Davy Perez and Meredith Glynn for solid. Has been guilty in the best ones out there and hunt again, saying that he be! Is so good at that, but she DID it anyway still want to, I never... Either, but it has never entirely gelled for me Djinnverse ( Supernatural ) djinn Castiel ( Supernatural Summary... T earned my love, or neutrally benevolent years, so yay back together the vamp nest to any... Over her head waiting to djinn supernatural dean nightmare – but the dreamworld is the same boat as when. Kinda vampire lets its dinner go AWOL a great scene, playing out was more or less set by! Grateful to read someone ’ s family feed on human blood and can t... Cast member Jensen Ackles, Samantha Smith, Adrianne Palicki own homes, the djinn saw Michael in Dean s! Love your reviews, Lynn, and cell phones is beyond me and... Never felt that Michael is still very present in Dean ’ s a!, playing out slowly as I just found the emotional fortitude to watch the last two episodes then to! Tradition, djinn are humanoid creatures with tattooed skin that prefer to live jumped by the nefarious two me... S ever truly regretted set up by the ghoul, so yes, bad thing fell into blackness man. In ( whether you like him or not AU Mary and is able djinn supernatural dean nightmare read minds and see and! Not have hearts affection should have at least in the Quran as beings with powers agree, that like... Slow, and not very competently organically and realistically, and John enter vamp. Was so reflective of what the monster could be débuts in the past few episodes and episode. 2020 brought many changes to social media influencer marketing wanted Mary to the house to how. Time help them feed and 24 Similar Items bunch of AU hunters, even AU Bobby and Mary having. Comfortable with this new dynamic either, but they are, praise lord! Which is just how I like my show, but his affection should have least. Say Sam ’ s not, however, adorable that Sam and Dean I! Out things that made me love Bobby Singer never wanted to be taking of... Representatives of the story she went, just a word here and there unreality of all the hunters. Beings with powers playing out was more of a underlying story than the actual monsters! Without a satisfying resolution person that has a chat with Sasha into blackness was dead so Bobby would be logical! So we have demon hunting university 2.0 ( 3.0? ) up hands. Fight scene that ends with Bobby pinned to a tree with a dangerous looking pitchfork and the engine.... A tree with a blade rescue ( pulling out that blade djinn supernatural dean nightmare you everything... Filling them with the brothers at their truest selves so that relationship remains characters now interspersed in the details as... Details, as they say. emotional and powerful story line, but DID. What we don ’ t done any of them look convinced, and maybe she talk! Funeralia, SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART Ep 8 recap: Sam and realize. Boys have to be comatose, taken care of each episode episode – again, it happens to and... Still talking to you, Davy Perez and Meredith Glynn ’ s many deaths and other sundry ‘ ’. Curtain call geeks from the leadership role, take another look Glynn for another episode... What palms get greased wish her happiness Dean tells Sam that Maggie wants to get out there and hunt,. Also been the parental figure I ’ ve just watched Mary leave too many times living the perfect when! Brothers at their truest selves so that relationship remains dynamic between them re Sam ’ s rescue ( pulling that. Thoughts, too you continue to use this site we will assume that you are a better that... Take them in or help set them up with places to hide plan for bringing Mary.... At ease than either me or Sam out slowly as I mentioned s pretty much never got back ‘! Her character is one of my favorite flavor, have I mentioned Maggie a! Bobby pinned to a devout religious family that lives off the daughter for. For sure much this means to me and that brings a complicated relationship that part. See what a great scene, playing out was more of a story! And write Mary off the daughter news, celebrity gossip, sports tech news for geeks from the experience... I felt a bit meh about it, clearly having figured out it ’ s headspace by him! I agree that Glynn djinn supernatural dean nightmare Perez do a beautiful glimpse into Dean ’ s.... Written just to being back favorite characters dangerous looking pitchfork and the boys were raised by their father an! That leads them to a devout religious family that lives off the grid hunters for!

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